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pool and billiards instructional video excerpts

September 25, 2011

dr-dave-billiards. com Excerpts from “The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards” DVD video instruction. Dr. Dave shows you how to Improve you game by understanding Various important Principles and Techniques of the game. More Information Can Be Found at dr-dave-billiards. com

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Stance Snooker – Snooker Tutorial Video

August 19, 2011

www. snookerguide. co. fr – Professional snooker player Daniel Wells Explains the proper stance to use snooker to help Improve your game. Get a free second tutorial by visiting www. snookerguide. co. fr

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Billiards – Pool Instruction – Billiards Videos – Pool Video

July 10, 2011

www. billiardsexpert. com Billiards Expert. com Is A one year long online pool school Where You Can Learn the secrets of billiards expert pool player from a year right in the comfort of Your Own Home. We cover EACH technique with multiple video angles, pictures and step by step instruction. Other schools with instruction...

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