How to Play 8-Ball: The Open Table in Billiards

May 21, 2011

A billiards generic amoxil table is open if no one has sunk a ball yet, get expert tips and advice are pool and 8 ball in this free video. Expert: Richard bucolic Bio: Richard bucolic Is an entrepreneur and investor. He Is Also The owner of popular food & spirits SEVERAL Establishments in Queens, NY, Including The train PJ’s Bar & Grill amoxil cheap and The Ivy Room. Filmmaker: Richard bucolic

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One Response to “ How to Play 8-Ball: The Open Table in Billiards ”

  1. thespewking on May 21, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    at 1:00 not ball in hand BEHIND STRING !!

    example behind string:

    player breaks, potts cueball on break,
    NOW ITS BIH behind string.
    not : player breaks, then shoots a foul stroke (playing the eightball) -> result BALL IN HAND EVERYWHERE !!

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