How To Play The Game Of Snooker

August 15, 2010

The game of snooker is a cue sport with its roots dating from the late 19th century. It is usually played on a green cloth covered pool table measuring 12 * 6-ft table has 6 pockets one at each corner prices for levitra and one in the center of each side cushion length. The game is played with 21 balls – 15 red and 6 colors – yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black. The goal of the game is distinguished from your opponent by using the white Cheap Levitra ball and a cue ball to pot all the different balls. The original game of snooker in the late 19th century and comes from a similar game – billiards was played by British officers stationed in India. In the late 1920s, we started World Snooker Championship and was organized by Joe Davis who has been a very popular player at the time. Snooker, then increased sharply in popularity throughout the 20th century. Snooker is now a popular sport in this country and also has a massive following in China and the Far East. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by pocketing balls in the sequence. Every player takes his turn at the table until they miss a shot or foul. Each player has first pot before potting a red color to be named. After all the red balls are potted, then the colors should be potted in the order: black, yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and then. If a player misses a ball or mistakes is when the opponents turn. A foul is if the following conditions are met: A ball is touched or moved with any part of the body or mark except tip. The cue ball is not in contact with the ball tried The cue ball is pocketed unwittingly also called “on off”

white ball off the table United Nations designated by the color is pocketed or hit. There are many types of equipment needed to play snooker or billiards: A landmark – moneygram locations cues can vary much. Almost all indices are ash (although some are maple) All signals require a touch of leather and everything must be greater than 3 feet.

a pool table cheap amoxil – 12 feet wide and 6 feet long. All tables are standard snooker competition of this length but you can buy tables at home that can be as low as 4 feet long. billiard balls – In the competition all the games are played with 15 red and 6 colors. Chalk, a scoreboard and silences are also very useful but not essential items.

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