How to Play Billiards: Learning Key Shots

February 2, 2011

The rules of the 3 cushion billiards lessons game is to use only 3 balls. The color of one ball is red and the other 2 is white. However, one of the 2 white balls will have a black spot mark so as to distinguish it from the other remaining white ball. How to play billiards generic levitra online with the 3 cushion game is easy enough when you know the rules of the game. Each of the players of the cushion billiards lessons will select one of the white balls as cue ball. A player could earn points only when he is able to strike or hit about 3 or even more cushions before completing the billiard. The meaning of completing the billiard is not completing the game but actually the process of hitting the other 2 balls.

billiard 3 How to Play Billiards: Learning Key ShotsPlaying straight billiards hitting the cue ball against the other 2 balls such as in cue billiards or pool lessons for pool billiards, would eventually make you a pretty good 3 cushion player. Study the following rules and explore possibilities for creating your own technique

  • Your position standing at the table Buy Viagra prescription online called as stance
  • Your grip or the way you handle the cue
  • Your bridge or the way you hold the cure near the tip
  • Billiards lessons ball cuing
  • Follow through how to play billiards stroke
  • Application of the spin on the ball called as english
  • Your speed and force

Hit the object ball on the left. Make it like you hit a third of the way from the edge of the table. online amoxil Strike the cue ball a little to the left of the center. Your stance should be solid but natural. Be comfortable when you are in the position to execute. Make your feet a slight distance apart. The approximate comfortable distance could be about 19 inches. Remember that your bending position when making a shot is important. Keep your head on line with the cure for good sighting just like you are sighting a gun. Your right arm must be able to swing freely with no interference. Make your left arm always free from interference and extended. Form a bridge while holding the cue at the tip end.

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